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Lunch Star

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Rice

Dig into our version of this classic Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Rice dish and you'll soon discover the best flavours of Vietnamese cuisine at the very tip of your tongue.

Whether you're sampling the excellent nước chấm (special Vietnamese dipping sauce), taking in the savoury aroma of the caramelised lemongrass marinate that coats our immaculately grilled chicken or savouring the delightfully spicy sambal that accompanies it; you can be assured that this is probably one of the most delightful Vietnamese meals ever.

Dinner Star

Chicken Française

Rich in flavour and big on satisfaction, this archetypical Italian-American cuisine marries the refinement of Italian epicureanism and the gratification of

American wholeheartedness.  

A skinless whole leg of chicken, breaded, egg dipped and pan fried to crisp perfection then served with herbed lemon butter gravy, mashed potatoes, sautéed carrots and broccoli on the side.


Enjoy distinguished fulfillment at its best.

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